SHAW|LEWENZ LLC has been retained by the South Florida Non-Profit Organization, “HAPPI Farm INC.” The firm will dedicate pro-bono hours to assisting the well-known non-profit organization with general contract matters, grant proposals, as well as obtaining insurance coverage for the organization’s services.

HAPPI Farm offers to children and adults with special needs the opportunity to learn and develop through interaction with animals, and a variety of other developemental and theraputic activities.

Through research proven, Animal-Assisted Learning (AAL), Happi Farm helps participants to not only minimize stress and gain confidence, but also to produce real physical improvements in students with MS, Cerebral Palsy, austism, and amputations.

The organization’s focus is helping anyone from injured military veterans, to children of any age, and SHAW|LEWENZ is a proud sponsor of its directives.

SHAW|LEWENZ Signs on as General Counsel for South Florida Non-Profit
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